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Park information

One of the most dynamically developing places for business and industry in Western Pomerania.

After a couple of years, HTIP became one of the most dynamic spots dedicated to business and industry in the region of West Pomerania.

New and comprehensive infrastructure, assistance with all paperwork through the whole investment proccess, excellent one-stop-shop service, a young, skilled and well educated labour force – all of which guarantees success of every project.

EU Funds have always played a significant role in the development of economy of Stargard.

Many companies could use this helpful support to grow faster. If your investment project needs special treatment and requires a dynamic climate and people who can overcome all the obstacles on the way – consider joining High Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard.

High Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard offers:

Vibrant business environment.

Remarkable logistic location. Proximity to German border, the Baltic Sea.

Szczecin and Berlin airports with wide range of directions.

Highly qualified and young labour pool.

Perfect access for commuters. Direct bus lines to the Park. Metropolitan Train.

Proximity of universities including technical ones.

Unusually good ground conditions.

Plots ready for investment equiped with technical infrastructure.

Unlimited access to all media.

Attractive incentives package including real estate tax exemption and special economic zone.

Experienced team ready to support you in every phase of your project life.

Transparent investment process. Short procedures.

Flexible educational system. Complex system of vocational training.

High ecological awareness. Geothermal and solar energy widely implemented.

HTIP location

The infrastructure of the High Technologies Industrial Park is adapted to both large and small and medium-sized enterprises. Easy access to European sales markets through a system of modern highways, leading to the Park, also intended for the transport of oversized cargo.

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